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3 thoughts on “Contact Pastor Kris

  1. Pastor, This is so powerful,may God continue to bless and increase your ministry ,have being so bless by the word of God you share,as a matter of fact would like to share this with the people of God.

  2. Pastor,
    Today is the day of breakthrough for me!!!

    God has open a door supernaturally and gave me victory in the battle, beauty for ashes and it just ‘wows’ me. BUT.. I was also ignorant in knowing that I had opened the door of fear during the battle and I was suffering with fear, everywhere I turn, in the apartment you name it.
    Today I purposed in my heart to conquer this ‘fear’ I don’t know how, and have never really came across Pastor Kris. This has to be a divine appointment from God and I want to say thank you for your heart and the sermon God allowed you to help me to conquer fear and return to The Lord with worship and adoration.
    Now I know the enemy wanted to cripple my prayer life and not have me to stand as a watchman on the wall to see much more signs and wonders for God’s people and for me to conquer the land.

    In Christ

  3. Pastor Kris,
    I am the Assistant Pastor at my church and I have been praying for a threshold breakthrough for my church and for me as well. I have been under attack physically and financially. And also my church seem not to be able to break through it’s threshold for years. Your message was very expiring and uplifting to me. It was God sent and I thank you very much for allowing God to use you. May your life be full of God’s blessing and love.

    Elder Reese Brown

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