Breakthrough the Threshold of the Open Door

breakthoughGod spoke to my heart back in August of 2013 that He wanted me to preach on Doors this new year. Since January I have written and preached message after message on Open Doors for 2014. In doing so, I believe I made myself a target of the devil as I have experienced attack after attack not only in my own life with my health, but in my family, and church as well. At one point I felt I was doing something wrong and even felt like giving up. But, that was not the answer. Far too many times when we are right at the threshold of our breakthrough, right at the doorway of an open door, we will experience the attack of the enemy.

Satan does not want us to take any ground from him. When we rise up and make a stance for God and taking the land for Him, it angers the enemy. Then we experience difficult circumstances and our faith weakens.

Crossing Over the Threshold of Open Doors

As I was going through the attacks of the enemy I didn’t see it as attacks. All I saw was the struggle and the hardship I had to walk through. Maybe this is you too. I pray this message ministers to you as the content ministered to me and allowed me to see more clearly what was really happening. The following is taken from Sandie Freed as well as my own writings.

Are you having to go through what you might refer to as a difficult time right now? And, even though it has been prophesied that this is a year of open doors and experiencing double blessings and breakthrough, do you feel as if your faith is weakened and that it is difficult for you to hold on to finish the race?

If you are contending for your new levels of increase and breakthrough, please allow me to give some insight as to how to properly respond to the new level of spiritual warfare needed for this season. And, let me assure you that you are not alone in this. Many Believers are experiencing difficulty crossing over into their promises in this season.

Opposition At The Threshold Of Open Doors

Sandi Freed writes: Recently I was in Katy, Texas, to minister at Wanda Roberson Ministries’ conference entitled “Stepping Through Open Doors.” When I travel, it is not unusual for me to have a dream from the Lord which exposes territorial strongholds and plans of the enemy. I love the faithfulness of God to expose any area of opposition that attempts to enslave His children! The night before I spoke at the conference, I had a dream of a threshold with an open door. At the threshold, there was a python snake that attempted to wrap itself around God’s children as they were going through the door. (More on the python spirit in a bit.) This evil spirit would attempt to weaken its victim by squeezing the life and breath out of its body. Also, there was a strong spirit of fear attached to this python spirit, and just the fear alone kept people from being empowered to cross over into enlargement and increase.

There was much contending at this threshold as the enemy would lash out with false accusations, fear, anxiety, and cause weakness (both physically and spiritually) in its attempts to hold on to each of us. Satan’s desire is to keep us from getting past our past. Saints of God, listen up – the enemy does not want you to believe God for your breakthrough. He desires to weaken your faith by creating circumstances in your life that are completely opposite of what God has promised you. Bottom line – your land of promise, your open door, awaits your arrival and crossing over, but the enemy does not like the fact that you are at a threshold of great, great breakthrough.

I read this prophecy from Marsha Burn on March 12, 2014:
“I have opened a door to the season ahead of you.  It will be a time when you will be able to see and understand spiritual truth with greater clarity–a season of freedom from bondage and past difficulties that will bring refreshment to your soul.  You stand at the very threshold of a new beginning, []but you must first put the past firmly behind before you can move ahead.  Let go of everything that is holding you back, says the Lord.”

Perilous Times

So, why are we being promised open doors, double blessings, and many of God’s “suddenlies” if we are also experiencing such difficulties? Well, I believe that we are living in what 2 Timothy 3:1 refers to as perilous times.

2 Timothy 3:1 NKJV
“But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come:”

The word “perilous” is a Greek word chalepos (pronounced kahl-ep-os’) and it is translated as meaning “difficult, i.e. dangerous or (by implication) furious.”

I can relate to this translation as I have also been experiencing some difficult times. And, I certainly believe that satan is furious that each of us is determined to cross over into increase!

Interestingly, another interpretation of perilous is “reduction in strength.”

I can relate to feeling weak – both physically and spiritually. How so? Well, the enemy would like to squeeze the life out of me and weaken my faith; plus, I am struggling with physical strength at the same time.

And, a further study concerning perilous times reveal that it is linked to another Greek word which means “to let down, strike, and to lower (as into a void.)” Translations take this even one step further by explaining that during perilous times we even experience “chasms.” (See Strong’s Concordance #5467, #5465, and #5490.)

Did you see that? Let me make it clear. Satan desires to cause us to believe that we are not seated in heavenly places in authority over him! He desires to deceive us into believing we have a lower position! He is attacking our belief systems at the threshold of open doors.

And now, get this: He wants to “void” our promises by deception. He desires to create a chasm between us and our promises. How can he deceive us? Again, by creating situations in our life that seem to oppose our promises. Satan desires to weaken our strength, weaken our faith, and strike out with opposition at the threshold. However, we need to remember this important fact as we contend against satan and the python spirit – Jesus Christ has already won the victory. His Blood was shed so that you are empowered with grace to cross over into your Promised Land! Our minds must be renewed to that truth as we defeat every enemy that attempts to oppose us. Let me encourage you with this thought – IT IS NOT AS IT APPEARS! This truly IS your season to access the unseen!

The Python Spirit

In Greek, the term used for divination and witchcraft is “python.” It is connected to a word meaning “to twist.” A python is a large and muscular snake that will “twist” itself around its prey and kill it by squeezing or constricting until it suffocates.

“The python spirit is loosed whenever Jezebel is in the midst. It squeezes life out of hope, breakthroughs, finances, and lives. It ‘constricts’ us to the point that we are unable to move forward into our future. As the python constricts with every squeeze, we feel the restraints and therefore are contained in old patterns of behavior and hopelessness.” ~ Sandi Freed

It is very clear that a Jezebel spirit and python work together to weaken the hands of God’s children as we build His Kingdom.

Back To Perilous Times

Let’s get back to more on “perilous times.” A careful study on 2 Timothy 3:1-9 describes what is experienced during this season. Mankind will witness a season where they “love themselves,” boast in themselves, are “disobedient to parents,” ungrateful,” “loving money,” and “unholy.” It goes on to describe mankind as “unforgiving,” “without love,” “loving pleasure more than God,” and “having a form of godliness but denying its power.”

Traditions of man have robbed us of demonstrating God’s power, being unthankful and ungrateful – and how these areas rob us from experiencing freedom in Christ. For the sake of time, I will only discuss just one of these manifestations that we might be experiencing during such troubled times, because I believe it is very significant. We simply must return to our first love. Love is a powerful weapon against our enemy.

Love Is a Weapon

There is no doubt that we are in a new season of contention. We are instructed in 2 Corinthians 10:4 that our weapons of warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. However, did we really ever consider the fact that love is a weapon?

Think about this: God is love, right? And because He loved the world, He sent His Son. Yes – because He loved – the Father sent Jesus. Jesus came to earth with a purpose.
1 John 3:8 tells us that Jesus came with the purpose of destroying the works of the devil! And because Jesus also loved, He laid down His life as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. Because of love – satan was defeated.

As New Covenant Believers, we are no longer under the Law. In fact, Jesus said that the greatest commandments were to “…love the Lord with all your heart, mind, and soul, and to love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:30-31, paraphrased). Those two commandments are centered on love. Love is the greatest gift, and also the greatest tool in warfare.

Restore Your Love and Passion

It’s possible to lose our passion when we experience hard times. Yet, there is another reason we lose passion – I call it spiritual burn out. How does this occur? Well, when we are believing that what we “do” for God is more important to us than who we already “are” in God, we get completely caught up in “works.” “Works” will weaken us, wear us out, and cause us to lose passion for God. I know this from first-hand experience.

When we are burned out, our fiery passion leaves. What we need are two things in order for us to experience restored love and passion for God: The fire of God to touch us and, secondly, repentance.

To experience His fire, we simply need to lay our lives on the altar. It’s not a difficult thing, really. We have a tendency to make this action difficult. Think about this: In the Old Testament, when a sacrifice was laid upon the altar, the fire of God came to consume it! If you want God to consume you, and I believe you do – simply lay down your will and surrender to His perfect will for your life. Think about it as “total abandonment” in Him. Remember, one of the manifestations during perilous times is being “lovers of ourselves,” and the lack of love for God.

Now, let’s talk about repentance. Many believe that God is just waiting for us to mess up so that He can smack us with a big stick! I believed that for years; and a belief system like that sends us running away from God rather than to Him. Repentance is all about changing the way you think. In other words, we need to change the way we think about God and also about ourselves. If we press into the love of God, running to Him in times of trouble and difficulty, we will be empowered with grace to cross over our thresholds!
His love for us will become our weapon against any python, Jezebel, or witchcraft stronghold! And, when we are empowered with the love of God, we are also empowered to love our neighbor and ourselves! This is important because we need each other. Unity releases life (see Psalm 133)! Unity will destroy the destructive power of python that attempts to steal life from us!

Christ died to give us salvation. The Greek word for salvation is the word sozo, which basically means that His love and sacrifice provided salvation, healing, deliverance, protection, and all that Heaven has to give us! Aren’t you thankful for the love of God today? I know you are. Your threshold awaits your crossing over – today!


Who doesn’t want or need a breakthrough in their life? Everyone is wanting it. Maybe you have struggled and gone through some hard times and you still are persevering? This would be a good time for a breakthrough in your life.

Lately in my life I have been praying for and believing for BREAKTHROUGHS! Breakthrough in relationships, breakthrough in my spiritual life, breakthrough in our church, and so much more. It has been something that I have brought to the Lord often.

God is working on your behalf even if we don’t see the results we are looking for. Don’t give up!

How do you press through in prayer when when it’s 11:59 p.m.—almost midnight—in your life?

Imagine this: You’re heading for destiny, moving with confidence in the right direction. Suddenly, you’re distracted by something demanding your attention. But when you stop to attend to the matter, your path is altered forever.

Such was the case with Paul and Silas in Acts chapter 16. En route to a prayer meeting, they met a fortuneteller who was rebuked by Paul because of her mockery of him and Silas as men of God. Paul commanded the evil spirit to come out of her, and the girl was set free.

She was a slave, however and because her masters were no longer able to profit from her psychic powers, they had Paul and Silas thrown in jail. The ministry duo was suddenly thrust from prayer to prison.

Think about that. On your way to what God has for you, there’s a detour in your well-constructed plan. Although painful, such times are common in the life of every believer. But what do you do when you’re passing from one season in life to another, when it’s 11:59 p.m.—almost midnight—in your life?

Transition occurs because God is altering His plans for us. There is a three-step process during such times: burden, birthing and breakthrough.

First comes the burden. On their way to jail, Paul and Silas were dragged into the marketplace to face the authorities. Even the crowds participated in their humiliation. They were beaten and stripped, and then thrown into prison. But they were not alone.
Life’s transitions may leave you feeling attacked. You may feel beaten and stripped of your spiritual and personal dreams. It may seem as though layers of divine protection have disappeared. This stripping simply means God is taking off the old and exposing  you to new life and new assignments.

Then comes the birthing. To be beaten means God is molding us into His image. Jeremiah 18:6 says: “‘O house of Israel, can I not do with you as this potter?’ says the Lord. ‘Look, as the clay is in the potter’s hand, so you are in My hand, O house of Israel'” (NKJV).

Think of a muscle. Have you ever had a really good workout, but the next morning felt sore? Your muscles were in a breakdown stage, which is critical. Without it, the muscles can’t rebuild themselves.

It was humiliating enough for Paul and Silas to suffer, but why did the crowd have to participate? Our transitions are often similar. It’s not enough to suffer in silence or privacy; it seems as though God chooses those broken moments to put us on display.
Paul and Silas were confined to prison, but at about midnight—perhaps it was 11:59 p.m.—their confinement birthed their true assignment: prayer and praise. In the midst of confinement, they blessed the Lord.

Lasting change is birthed out of pain and often filled with isolation. But there’s no better time to feel God’s presence than during your “spiritual 11:59 p.m.” During these times, praise God for who He is. Recall past victories, and in spite of how you feel or what you see, praise Him for His promises. Your worship will promote stability and assurance.
Then you’re ready for the breakthrough. Paul and Silas’ prayer and praise caused tremors in the realms of darkness. Suddenly, a violent earthquake shook the building, and the doors were opened.

Explosive breakthroughs will come in your life as you continue to lift up the name of Jesus. Breakthroughs bring the favor of God on your life, which releases His plans for you.

Soon, your doors will swing open, chains will fall off, and those standing by will marvel at your life. When we become a testimony of God’s faithfulness during painful transitions, not only are we blessed, but others will observe our breakthroughs and will be touched by our release. Desperation will prompt them to ask, as the jailer did, “What must I do to be saved?”

The passage in Acts concludes with the jailer restoring Paul and Silas as the magistrate sent word to release them. Likewise, God can cause the same people or situation that imprisoned you to bless you.

When your clock strikes 11:59 p.m., know that it’s time to rejoice. Whether you are in a period of burden or birthing, remember that explosive breakthroughs are born around midnight. So, let the celebration begin.

Your land of promise, your open door, awaits your arrival and crossing over, but the enemy does not like the fact that you are at a threshold of great, great breakthrough. We are in perilous times right now ,… Like it says in the book of Timothy!! We are crossing over to our promise land this year. The faint hearted wont make it,… God does not want you to shrink back!! Its time to do warfare and take it to the enemy. The devil does not want you to go into your promise land this year. He will fight you with every thing he has. I am putting you on notice,.. this is for real!!! Its time to pray,…. “church”,….. and take authority over the devil. Remember,… as long as you show up for battle you will win!! But you have to show up everyday. Bind that devil in Jesus name !

Let us pray:
Father God, today we are believing for Your empowerment of grace as we come to Your throne. We repent for settling for religious works rather than pressing into Your desire for relationship. Forgive us for losing our passion for You. We turn from dead works today. We surrender our will to Your perfect will today. Consume us with Your holy fire and restore passion. Thank You that Your love is a weapon against our enemy during these troubled times. Thank You that love has already defeated satan’s plans and that I am now empowered to enter into my future. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

I will be believing with you that you will breakthrough the threshold to your open door today!

Your sister,

Pastor Kris Belfils 


Content of this article is from Sandi Freed, Pastor Kris Belfils, and


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