Doors Series

Doors! We all have them. We all have walked through them or we have shut them. In this new year God has given, we will be given open doors of opportunity. What will we do with them? I am amazed at how people can look at a door of opportunity and see it as a negativity. There are times when an open door can be beneficial for our life and then there are other times when an open door may take us in the wrong direction. How does one know if the open door is good or bad? When do we walk through the open door or when do we walk away from it?

Many questions right? In this new series of “Doors” I want to explore all these possibilities and more. God has been speaking to my heart about doors. How they give us access into places we may never have walked before, and how to discern what God’s will is regarding different doors.

Doors give us access. They take us from one area or realm to another.  Doors are much like gates in the Bible.

Door (Pethach – H6607) in the Hebrew means: “any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place or state to another. (H6605 – Pathach) “A primitive root; to open wide; specifically to loosen, begin, plough, carve, appear, break forth, draw out, let go free, engraven, loose, opening, put off, ungird, unstop, have vent.” Strongs Hebrew and Greek Definitions

I love this Hebrew definition and bringing it down to the primitive root because it gives such a bigger enlightenment on the word “door.” Most of the time we think of it as an opening, entrance, or exit as the first Hebrew meaning has stated. But looking further we see such a bigger picture.

Looking at the primitive root we see that it is a wide open door and that it loosens and becomes a plough (cutting furrows in the soil and turning it over to prepare for the planting of seeds). The open door allows one to break forth and let go and be free with no one or thing stopping them. In other words, When God opens a door for you it opens up such big possibilities in so many directions and no man, nothing will close it.

In the book of Revelation Paul writes about the Faithful Church that when God opens a door no one will shut and when he shuts a door no man will open.

Revelation 3:8 NKJV

“I know your works. See, I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it; for you have a little strength, have kept My word, and have not denied My name.”

We can see that God is all powerful and when He opens a door before you, and you walk through it, no one will take it from you. It doesn’t matter if man approves of this door or not, it was given by God and designated for you. This is shouting ground because knowing God has birthed 2014 for you to walk in and has much prepared for you. Things that are beyond your comprehension. Things that will blow your mind.

The definition of the word door in means: “a movable, usually solid, barrier for opening and closing an entranceway, cupboard, cabinet, or the like, commonly turning on hinges or sliding in grooves, a doorway, any means of approach, admittance, or access, any gateway marking an entrance or exit from one place or state to another.”

Doors usually block entrances until they are opened. Have you been praying for open doors? I saw a picture on Facebook that read: “Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway!” We praise God when we are waiting, and we praise God when the door is open and we can take action and walk through the threshold.

Doors cannot do us any good if we stay back and don’t walk through them. We can stand at the doorway and never enter into our promised land. We can stand at the doorway of the church and never enter, and therefore we would never receive what God has for us.

Abraham walked through the doorway of his tent and received a promise of a son being born to Sarah.

Read Genesis 18:1 – 3 

Looking at verse one we see that Abraham was sitting in the doorway of his tent probably to get shade as the tent itself was too hot and sultry at noonday. The shaded open front is often resorted to for the air that may be stirring.

Genesis 18:1 NKJV

“Then the Lord appeared to him by the terebinth trees of Mamre, as he was sitting in the tent door in the heat of the day.”

He was at the threshold of his tent and the outside. The men who were passing by were outside. If Abraham would have stayed at the doorway I believe he would not have received the blessing that was about to be given him.

How often is that how we function today? We see and believe for a breakthrough yet we don’t take the extra effort to walk through the threshold of the open door. Maybe our spirit is willing but our flesh is weak?

This was an important decision for Abraham. He could have retreated back into his tent in fear for his safety. Three of them and only one of him. Fear, doubt, and disbelief can creep into our spirit and we miss out on what God has for us. Believe it or not we can create a door of fear just by believing the worse will happen. This stifles us and we retreat thinking the worse will happen.

Listen, God wouldn’t bring you to the threshold of your promise only to dash all hope in the bondage of fear. He wouldn’t cause defeat at this moment. That is not His way. But we have to do our part and walk through the open door!

Remember sitting in the doorway doesn’t get you to your promise land. No! Believing the land will come to you is not the answer either. I know because God spoke to me about a promise land He had for me. For years I would wait daily to see this promise land come to me. It doesn’t happen in the natural and it defiantly doesn’t happen in the spiritual either. We have to take action as we seek and pray for God’s direction.

Doorways, gates, thresholds, and passageways all have something in common: they give access from one realm to another, from one place to another.

Faith-filled people of God take bold action, which opens a gate and releases spiritual power. In other words, our boldness of faith in action will release and open the doors or gates God has for us this year!

Being bold is not being arrogant. It is taking risks and stepping out beyond what you know. It is allowing your faith to arise and walking in it!

I would rather be a water walker then a boat talker.

When we step through the open door God brings provision. Your faith is a catalos for God to move on your behalf. Faith pleases God. It will be credited to you as righteousness (Romans 4:3).

We can’t have the new when we are timid and fearful of it. Don’t be intimidated by the enemy (satan). Be bold as a lion and fearless as a lioness. Be ready to take action and this will open up the doors of opportunity in your life.

If a vision or promise is attainable by our own power it is usually not from God because we can do it in our own strength and wisdom. God gives bold, outrageous dreams to His people and it usually brings them to the threshold again and again. It is at the door or gate that our faith is tested. This is the place where either spiritual abortion or spiritual birthing happens. I know because I have experienced both.

I remember a time in my life when I had pretty much given up on my promise land. I was willing to give it up if that was what God wanted. Many times I tried to make it happen in my own strength and wisdom and spiritual abortion occurred. When I finally gave up what I thought should happen and was willing to do what ever God wanted me to do, that is when the breakthrough came. But it came in a form I was not ready for. The breakthrough came with pain and rejection from others. It came with letting go of what I knew and participated in for years. It was my comfort zone. When I came to the threshold of the new, not knowing what the future held, I decided to fight for it. When I did, I was rejected by many people. I stood up for what I believed for and never in my wildest dreams imagined I would be standing alone. But it was that very event that catapulted me through the doorway I came at many times before.

This crossing over required me to give up what was precious to me; my security and comfort, friends, family, and more. It was what I was holding onto and it was the very thing that was preventing me from crossing over to the other side. Crossing over can mean to let go of that which does not fit through the door with us. Are you willing to give up things or even people for what God has for you? Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting for you to divorce your spouse or quit your job. What I am saying is simply are you willing to let go of what you think you need for what God has for you?

It is at the door or threshold that we win or lose. We must break through intimidation, doubts, fears, discouragement, loneliness, or whatever else that is trying to prevent us from walking through the open door before us. The awesome thing we need to know is that God meets us when we step out in faith.

Jesus met Peter when he stepped out of the boat and He will meet us too as we step out. You see it is actually our stepping out that brings God’s provision. God gives us the grace to endure the moment we step and leap forward. His supernatural provision comes the moment we step out in faith.

This year be a person who is not intimidated of the unknown. If you are feeling depressed or uncertain know that it is all part of being at the threshold. It is decision time. Indecision can bring depression and stress. If we decide to stay where we are it is actually a decision to go backward and that is why depression comes. We feel trapped and hopeless. Be determined to step out and keep walking into the new open door that God has waiting for you.

2014 is a brand new year. Did you know that the number four means Door? Four is the value of the Hebrew letter dalet:  ד.Dalet means door.

“The letter Dalet is the fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet. The letter Dalet is actually the source of the Greek letter Delta, as you can see by the similarities in the two letters’ names. The English letter “D” is derived from Dalet, as well. While the specific reason for the letter being named Dalet is not known, many believe it is because one of the letter’s predecessors (in even more ancient languages than the Hebrew language) looked like a door. In the Hebrew language, the word for “door” is “delet”.” (

Wow, what confirmation that 2014 will be the year of doors! To be honest I didn’t know that when I felt impressed to preach a new series on the word, “Door.” I just felt in my spirit that that is what God wanted for the first few months of January 2014. This is a God-ordained time. Let’s be wiling to walk through the doors God sets in front of us throughout this year. I am sure we all will be surprised at what lies in store.

“Be careful not to shut your soul’s door through doubt, when God has just opened it by His grace.” 

John Bunyan

I like that saying by John Bunyan. Don’t waist God’s open door by doubting yourself away from it.

There are many doors that we will be looking at during this series.

Door Series Titles:

Door of Fear

Door of Discouragement

Trap doors

Open doors

Behind closed doors

Door of Hope

Door of disobedience

Unexpected Doors

Miracle Doors

Knock and it will be opened

Miracle at your door

Sin At your door

Door of Hope

Closed Doors (What to do when faced with a closed door?)

Open Door of Opportunity

Open Door Church

Shut De Door Keep Out De Devil

Check Your Attitude at the Door

Beyond the Open Door

Unexpected Doors

These are possibilities of upcoming sermon messages. Things may change but get ready for some powerful words that will transform your life. Invite your friends so they don’t miss this open door of opportunity in their life too!

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?”

(Isaiah 43:19, NLT)

“It’s a new year, and God has something new in store for you! His plan for your life is not for you to reach one level and get stuck and stay there for 30 or 40 years. His plan is to increase you, open new doors before you, and take you places that you’ve never imagined. He has something big in your future, and He has something big in store for this year! He’s already planned out big breaks, big opportunities, and big ideas for you. You may have seen God’s goodness in the past, but you have not touched the surface of what God has for you in 2014! He is doing a new thing!”

~ Joel Osteen

Let me leave you with this verse:

John 10:9 AMP

“I am the Door; anyone who enters in through Me will be saved (will live). He will come in and he will go out [freely], and will find pasture.”

Jesus is the Door or portal to be saved, delivered, and rescued. Walk through His open door and you will find green pastures and be fed spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and so much more. He is more than enough for any need you have.

Your sister in Christ,

Pastor Kris Belfils


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