A Cry For Revival Series: “What Is Revival?”

“A Cry For Revival” series is based on Pastor Kris Belfils’ book: “Revive, Rebuild, and Restore.” You can listen to Pastor Kris preaching this message here: “What Is Revival?

Psalm 85:6 (Amp)

“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?”

Recently God has been talking to me about spiritual revival. I have always longed to see revival in my own church. As a little girl, we were taught about revival, and were told that revival was coming. All I knew was how hungry I was for God, and that hunger continues to burn in me everyday.

It is hard to imagine my life without being intense about God. I received Jesus Christ into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior at the age of nine. I remember I wanted to tell everyone I knew about God and what He can do in their life. Passion grew in me to see people transformed and changed by the power of God. Now, as an adult, I still feel the same, but that passion has grown immensely and my desire to see people changed sometimes overwhelms me.

What about you? Do you have a hunger, a passion for God? To what extent are you willing to satisfy that hunger? If you don’t, maybe you need to be revived in your spirit.

What is revival?

When you desire to see His name glorified – you are desiring revival. When you seek to motivate the Church – you are seeking revival. When you are burdened by sin within the Church – you are burdened for revival. When you ask the Lord to fan the flame within your own heart – you are asking for revival.

A revival is not the Church deciding to do something and doing it. It is something that happens or is done to the Church by God. It is an awakening to who God is and a longing to be close to Him and follow His word.

Psalm 119:159 (Amp)

“Consider how I love Your precepts; revive me and give life to me, O Lord, according to Your loving-kindness!”

If we were to start experiencing revival, what would it be like? Are we in revival right now?

Revival is…

1.  A spontaneous outpouring of the presence and power of God that moves the people to respond.

Only God woos and draws the heart to Him. His Holy Spirit pricks the heart to respond to His drawing. It is God who pours out His spirit upon all flesh. Something happens when you are in the presence of the Lord. Once you have experienced it, you are never the same. True signs of revival are people longing and lingering in the presence of God.

2.  A heart of repentance and obedience.

Repentance and obedience is another sign of true revival. Throughout the history of the church and the revivals that have taken place, repentance is one of the main signs that have been manifested. People can’t help but repenting and asking for forgiveness when the presence of the Lord has saturated the place.

3.  A hunger for God, and the things of God. 

Revival is an awakening of hearts to God and the things of God. It is an awareness of our need for more of God. Hunger makes one do desperate things. Desperation makes one run to the source to be satisfied. With God, He will always satisfy those who hunger and thirst after Him. We shall be filled!

4.  A desire to go deeper in Him, and to excel to a higher level spiritually.

Once we repent, and taste and see that the Lord is good, we want more. Natural hunger is satisfied after you eat a meal. Being spiritually hungry builds to more hunger and a desire to go deeper with God. It really makes you want to give your all, un-abandoned to your Creator. Complacency is not present in revival. Satisfying the flesh is never an option when true revival has come. Only satisfying and pleasing God is the main desire.

5.  A realization of our humanity and our need to repent.

In true revival, we see our humanity and our need for a Savior. We lose our dignity for His deity. We decrease with our desires to please our flesh and God increases in us. We see that God is God and we are not. Pride and arrogance is gone and humility and brokenness is present.

6.  It is seeing souls saved. It is seeing lives changed, not changed for just a few days, but changed forever. 

Seeing souls, people, come to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior should be fruit of true revival. The revivals in history all have the common factor of people coming to Christ.

7.  It is bringing dead things back to life!

Remember during Easter 2012, I preached a sermon: “You Are Never Too Dead For A Resurrection!” Remind yourself there is nothing too dead that God can not resurrect in your life.

We all need to be revived! 

Maintaining and advancing in our relationship with God is a daily nurturing. We can get beaten down by the enemy because he doesn’t want us to have a relationship with God. His job is to bring division between you and God every chance he gets. The key is to not give him any chances. How do we do that? We guard our hearts and protect our relationship we have with God every second of every day.

Psalm 138:7 (Amp)

“Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You will revive me; You will stretch forth Your hand against the wrath of my enemies, and Your right hand will save me.” 

You might be in a place where you are worn out or complacent in your walk with God. It is easy to get there. Little things every day can bring a separation between you and God. Remember one of the biggest peace robbers in our life is business!

Today, the church needs to be revived. Revival is desperately needed in any church to cause an awakening to what God is doing and wanting to do.

Are you dead spiritually? Are you dead in your heart or spirit? We are starting a revival series called; “A Cry For Revival” that will span the next few months at Hope Fellowship. This will help bring an awakening to all hearts. It will usher in the freedom of God’s spirit to have His way in all of us. By the time we are finished with this series it is my prayer for more freedom, more growth, and more of Jesus in all of us! AMEN!

A Cry For Revival

Revive, in the dictionary, is: “To activate, set in motion, or take up again; renew, to restore to life or consciousness, to put on or show again, to make operative or valid again, to bring back into notice, use, or currency, to quicken or renew in the mind, to reanimate or cheer (the spirit, heart, etc., or a person), to return to life, consciousness, vigor, strength, or a flourishing condition, to recover from financial depression, to be quickened, restored, or renewed, as hope, to become operative or become valid again.”  (Dictionary.com)

Wow, what an awesome look at what revival is! We need to be activated in our faith. Let faith arise in us. The enemy knows if he can put doubt in our hearts it will paralyze us from doing anything for God. It will put despair and discouragement in us and we become defeated. It is imperative for us to activate and celebrate our life in Christ. To walk and experience life more abundantly then ever dreamed possible. This is obtainable and available for all of us right now!

A Cry for revival is something that comes from deep within us and can’t help to come out and be heard by the ears of God. Crying out to God brings Him instantly to us. As we all cry out to God we become one voice, one cry and God is compelled to respond. In an orchestra, when all the instruments are playing at the same time, it is called a “full cry.” The listener is moved and it gets the attention of all who are present. It makes a statement that will never be forgotten. This is the same when we cry out in one voice to our creator to help us revive and become fully awake to Him and His presence.

There are many forms of revive; “Revivable, revivability, revivably, reviver, revivingly, revival.” Looking at these thoughts and the possible related forms makes me ask, “Do you have revivability? You might ask yourself, “Am I revivable?”

Do you feel dead? Are you struggling with life? Do you feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again and not feeling fulfilled? If so, maybe you have developed wet wood. I know a wet piece of wood is impossible to light on fire until it has dried out. We can get so immersed in this world and our hearts can grow wet and cold, and we feel very little when it comes to God, and the things of God. We can get so use to being in church and “churchy” things we don’t even see our flame has died. But if you put a bunch of combustible things around the wet wood and under the wet wood, and light it on fire, the wet wood will eventually dry out and ignite and burn. This is the same when it comes to lighting the fire of God in our hearts and catching fire to hearts of those that seem cold or dead around us.

Revival Is…

Revival is releasing any un-forgiveness, bitterness, or past hurts to God and allowing Him to bring a refreshing in your soul. It is walking humbly with God, hand in hand, and watching Him reveal areas in your life that needs attention or change. You see, revival is bringing dead things back to life. We can have dead relationships, dead finances, dead dreams, and dead emotions. We need revival spiritually, we need revival over our past mistakes or past regrets. We need revival for our future too. God breathes life into dead things. This is revival.

Revival comes in so many different forms, but the bottom line is; something was dead and needs life again. It can be your old way of thinking and God brings a new revelation of thought. It can be spiritual blindness and you couldn’t see God working, and God opens your eyes to see His mighty power at work.

Revival Feels Like A Fire In Our Hearts

Scripture talks about a burning in our heart or a flame. Does your heart burn when you talk about God, read about Him, or hear testimonies about what He is doing? Do you long to be in His presence? This is revival. Does your heart ache to see lives changed and transformed to be more like Christ? Do you have a passion and a deep love for God? This is revival.

The bible refers to a burning or being on fire in our hearts.

Luke 24:32 (KJV)

“And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures?”

I like how the Message Bible states it, “Back and forth they talked.” Didn’t we feel on fire as he conversed with us on the road, as he opened up the Scriptures for us?” It is a burning in our hearts and spirit to know more of God.

I know when I have spent time with God, or talked about God, or have been in an awesome worship service, I can’t help but feel on fire. There is a burning in my chest and an overwhelming sense that God can do anything. It seems I have to share it and help others, or I will explode. Have you ever felt that?

If you have no desire to be revived, or even see the need to be, ask God to give you a tender heart towards Him. Sometimes we have to let go of the way we think in order to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Our intellect can get in the way and lead us astray when it comes to our relationship towards God. Let go of common sense and allow your faith to arise.

Common Sense vs Faith

Common sense says: I don’t have enough money to pay my bills.

Faith says: My God shall supply all my needs.

Common sense says: I better stay home from church today and catch up on my sleep as I have had to put in many late nights at the office.

Faith says: I will go to church and know God will invigorate me and empower me to get through my week!

Common sense says: There is a mountain in my way.

Faith says: Mountain be moved in Jesus mighty name!

Common sense says: I have failed before and will fail again, so I better not try.

Faith says: God is a God of the second, third, fourth, and more chances! God is for me and not against me!

Common sense says: I have always been overlooked for a promotion so why even ask for one.

Faith says: I am the head and not the tail! God has a plan and I will walk in it!

“Every time you venture out in your life of faith, you will find something in your circumstances that, from a commonsense standpoint, will flatly contradict your faith. But common sense is not faith, and faith is not common sense. In fact, they are as different as the natural life and the spiritual.”

Oswald Chambers (My Utmost for His highest – August 29th)

What “common sense” things are you holding onto that is preventing you from walking out this life of faith and bringing revival to your life?

When revival takes flight, we fly to new heavenly places and our hearts are revived. We soar to higher realms in the spirit as we allow ourselves to let go and fly in our spirit with God. We obtain a different perspective when we fly. Flying sets you free from things that hold you down. We do not get caught in bondage when we take the time to fly with God and be revived in our spirit. Revival is a setting free of the things that bind us. Nothing can hold you down. Nothing can take away the experience. In this higher realm you hear better and see clearer.

Let’s cry out for revival for Hope Fellowship and for all the churches in Spokane, nation, and the world! May God’s mighty army rise up in faith and take this land for God! Good things are a commin’ you just wait and see!

Psalm 119:154 (Amp)

“Plead my cause and redeem me; revive me and give me life according to Your word.”

Next for “A Cry For Revival” we will look at:“Revival Of Our Hearts!” It’s going to be good!

From one burning heart to another,

Pastor Kris Belfils





2 thoughts on “A Cry For Revival Series: “What Is Revival?”

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  2. This was a very good read. I have been praying for revival in the U.S. for a long time. It seed like 9/11 was a potential catalyst for revival but the media worked feverishly to make us forget it happened so that we went back to business as usual. I am praying for revival to hit Atlanta where I live. This whole human trafficking issue is deplorable and the fact that there are so many large Ministries here that haven’t properly addressed the issue saddens me. Even in my own church, my Pastor lost many members before we came and is primed for revival, but he is more pressed to “get back where he was” then to see that revival is burning right here. I pray for the Country down to every small town that the Lord finds it fit to revive our land. Thank you so much for sharing.

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